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•$50 deposit required to hold date.

•rental fees change to $40 and hour on legal holidays. plus 1 week prior to thanksgiving, christmas and new years day

•cancellation must be made at least 30 days before event for 100% refund. cancellation must be made 14 days before event for 50% refund of deposit.

•check- list in kitchen must be completed for deposit refund. renter must be out by the time stated on rental contract. refund within 1 business week if no damages found or clean-up required.

•renter is responsible for their own set-up/clean-up unless set-up/clean-up fees are paid.

$50 for employee set-up. $75 for employee clean-up.

•there is an $18 replacement fee for lost remotes.

•renter is responsible for the gathering room furnishings and fixtures and returning space to condition found upon rental time. renter will pay for any damage to the premises.

•full payment of all fees must be made 1 day before event.

•at no time will alcoholic beverages be allowed on the premises.

•no smoking in the space or within 20 feet of the doors.

•all event activities must be confined to the gathering room area. no overflow outside of building into street, alley or sidewalks.

•guest are required to park in an acceptable fashion in accordance to the city of heber springs ordinance.

•no unreasonable noise will be permitted.

•decorations can only be hung in designated area. (tape, thumbtacks and command strips are prohibited from use on walls, doors, and ceiling). nothing hung permanently in event space may be removed.

•the gathering room will assume no responsibility for the actions or property of renter or guests. the renter assumes all liability for themselves, their guest, and their property while using the event space.

•you must be 21 years or older to rent the gathering room. someone 21 years or older must be on the premises throughout the entire event.

•we reserve the right to refuse rental and use of the gathering room to anyone. we reserve the right to amend the policies and rates at any time.

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